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The Best HEPA Vacuum Cleaners For Dust, Allergy & Asthma Control

This Comprehensive Report Is For You To Learn About The Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaners Available OnThe Market And How They Operate So You Can Make The Right Choice That Will Best Fit Your Direct Needs

First, some quick history about vacuum cleaners! The first vacuum cleaner was invented and Patented in the USA by Robert Taber in 1869. MR. Taber invented this wood and canvas hand pump controlled vacuum cleaner in his Chicago, Illinois home. He called it The Whirlwind.

The first electric motor-operated vacuum cleaner with a cloth dust filter bag with cleaning attachments was put on the market in 1908 by who else, The Hoover Company in New Berlin Ohio.

In the 1940's HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters were invented to filter out radioactive dust particulate contaminants in bomb shelters during the atomic bomb tests. These filters were designed to capture particles down to 0.3 microns in size at efficiency ratings of 99.97%. This standard is still used to this day for HEPA vacuum cleaners and HEPA air cleaners for asbestos and lead abatement. However HEPA vacuum cleaners are now used everyday in homes and businesses to clean and remove household dust and allergens to improve the indoor air quality you breathe.

HEPA Vacuum Cleaners Come In Two Basic Styles, Upright And Canister

The upright HEPA vacuum stands by itself and is a single unit, some with or without an attachment hose to clean hard to reach areas with specialized vacuum tools. All upright vacuum cleaners tend to leak more dusty air and bacteria back into the environment. Also since the rug beater bar is permanently attached to the case of the vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner is almost worthless if the beater bar fails.

HEPA canister (Best Choice) vacuum cleaners have a smaller mostly more powerful, compact designed case that will roll along and follow behind you as you vacuum the floor, carpet, furniture or upholstery. A long hose is attached to canister vacuum cleaners so you can reach those hard to get areas with the many vacuum tools that are available for them for easy cleaning of most any surface. The rug beaters, also known as power nozzles, are detachable from the canister type vacuum cleaner units. They are often much more powerful then the ones found on uprights. This is because they are powered by their own separate electric motor. If a power nozzle breaks down on a canister vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner can still be used to clean many different kinds of surfaces with their many different attachment choices while the power nozzle is being repaired or replaced.

Important HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Design Information

There are different designs of HEPA canister vacuum cleaners available to you. The most common is a case made of plastic with a disposable paper dust collector bag to catch the dust from your home and into the vacuum cleaner. Be aware that many of these so-called HEPA vacuum cleaners can and do leak dusty air through air gaps in their UN-PRESSURIZED plastic cases and around the openings that surround the HEPA filter itself. The dirty air can then pass through the exhaust side of the vacuum cleaner and back into your indoor environment to breathe and react to! Another important fact to know is, both HEPA and non-HEPA vacuum cleaners pass the airflow from the vacuum cleaner tools being used and then into the unit. The dirty air is then passed into the dust containment bags located inside of the vacuum cleaner’s tank and then onward to the motor where the air is then forced out of the vacuum cleaner through the exhaust side of the vacuum cleaner.

The common problem is, when the dust bags containing the dirt become about one-third full, the fine dust particles plug the pores of the paper dust collector bags. This restricts a tremendous amount of airflow to the motor, which will cause the vacuum cleaner to lose suction while putting a strain on the motor, reducing its life. This restriction of airflow to the motor can cut the cleaning ability of the vacuum cleaner up to 80%! That’s why most people end up replacing they're costly, less than half full paper dust collector bags far too often. And their entire worn out vacuum cleaners as well!

A simple way to prove that your present vacuum cleaner is leaking dust and allergens back into your indoor environment for you to breathe over and over again is to simply place your vacuum cleaner into that beam of sunlight that shines through your window every day. Turn on your vacuum cleaner and look into the beam of sunlight. You will most likely see tens of thousands of dust particles combined with bacteria and other allergens pouring from your unsealed vacuum cleaner and into that beam of sunlight. You will then know that your vacuum cleaner is not sealed and that’s why your furniture is already dusty just after all of that vacuuming!

Important INFO On Water Filtered Vacuum Cleaners

There are 6 or 7 brands of vacuum cleaners on the market that use water to trap dust particles instead of a proper government certified HEPA filter. The most well known brands are the Rainbow Water Vacuum cleaner by Rexair, Hyla and the Sirena Water Vacuum Cleaner.  We have found these water vacuum cleaners to be inefficient, heavy and bulky. For years the companies that produced water filtered vacuum cleaners boasted how they were superior to HEPA vacuum cleaners and all others. This was until a few independent testing laboratories tested them with laser particle counters to prove that they leaked a whole lot of dust back and filthy bacteria into the air! Now some of these same companies are adding replaceable HEPA filters into the exhaust side of their water vacuums. 

This defeats the entire concept about water being a better filter and the dirty water vapor mixed with air blowing into the HEPA filters may promote mold and bacteria growth in the HEPA filter itself! Also water vacuum cleaners are heavy, bulky and it can be a real mess filling them with tap water and then dumping the moldy, smelly, dirty water from the units into a bacteria laden sludge heap on your property every time you operate them! Most water filtered vacuum cleaners offer chemical fragrances to add into the water to cover up the moldy odor they release into the air that your breathe while vacuuming. Many people with allergies or asthma will react to these chemicals! Also it is another added cost to operating these units on top of the cost of replacing the HEPA filters. We recommend that you stay away from water-filtered vacuum cleaners!

Vacuum Cleaners That Have Ultraviolet {UV-C} Lights In Them

The latest vacuum cleaner on the market with far-fetched claims is the ORECK HALO UV-ST, the HALO SV-UV and the ORECK HALO UVX upright vacuum cleaners. These ORECK HALO vacuum cleaners claim to be able to kill bacteria, flu virus, fleas, dust mites and even lice with an ultraviolet UV-C light that is mounted on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. When we first saw this vacuum cleaner come onto the market, we thought right off that it would not perform as advertised. We went to the HALO factory website and saw all kinds of scientific facts about how UV-C lights were able to kill all kinds of bacteria, and viruses. However we also read this. QUOTE: “It is important to note that Halo vacuums will not kill all germs instantly. However, the research and data show that Halo vacuums will instantly kill the organisms exposed to its UV-C light.” In other words the ORECK Halo’s UV-C light cannot kill what the UV-C light can’t shine on, which is a very large amount of you're carpeting! Then we saw a test done by the folks at Popular Mechanics Magazine in the February 2008 issue, where they tested the HALO vacuum cleaners for the ability to kill E Coli bacteria in a laboratory environment. As we guessed it flunked the test, as it was not able to kill all of the E Coli bacteria. The reason was simple! The ultraviolet light was not able to penetrate deep enough into the fiber piling of the carpeting. Plus the shadows made by the carpet lint itself shielded the carpeting from the UV-C light. So we are now shedding some light {pun} on the ORECK HALO vacuum cleaner to keep you informed. If other brands of vacuum cleaners with ultraviolet lights come out onto the market, we expect them to produce the same results when tested for the same reasons. It’s a cool concept, but one that is mostly all show and NO GO!

The HEPA Vacuum Cleaners We Recommend & Why

We have been in the allergy products, air cleaner and vacuum cleaner business since 1989. Throughout the years we have been distributors for both the Miele and Nilfisk HEPA vacuum cleaner companies. We thought that both of these vacuum cleaners were top quality. Only after we had witnessed the vacuum cleaner smoke-dye test, did we discover how wrong we were to believe that the other HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners {and others} on the market actually worked. 

We saw the smoke-dye test performed on just about every brand of vacuum cleaner on the market. (Including those with HEPA filters and with water filtration) These brands included, Miele, Nilfisk, Dyson,  Eureka, Sebo, Rainbow, Hoover, Shark, Dirt Devil, Kenmore, Samsung as well as some of the higher priced units that included Kirby, Electrolux, Miracle-Mate and Tri-Star. Under controlled conditions, smoke with dye was sucked into each of the many brands and models of vacuum cleaners that were in the test. During the test, we could plainly see the smoke-dye pouring out of almost every brand of vacuum cleaner. The smoke-dye was pouring from every crack and crevice in the case, including from the pre-filters, HEPA filters, motors and dust bags. We saw the same effect on every bagless and water-filtered type vacuum cleaners. (Excluding the Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaner)  See Why Below!

When the smoke-dye test was preformed on the (Made In The USA) Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaner, not one bit of smoke-dye escaped from this great unit. None of the smoke-dye could penetrate through the sealed HEPA Air filtration system or out from the sturdy sealed case of the Air Storm HEPA Filtered Vacuum Cleaner! 

We could not believe how terribly these other brands of vacuum cleaners were put together. The first thing that came to mind was WOW, how much bacteria, dead skin, dust mite allergen, pet allergens and moldy dust had to be pouring out of these other vacuum cleaners only to be blown back into our breathing indoor environment. No wonder people get sick when they are vacuuming their homes. All of the other vacuum cleaners that were included in the smoke-dye test were being advertised to the public as allergy free! What a ripoff! 

We now understood that just because these other brands had a HEPA filter or a water filtration system inside of them, it did not mean that these other vacuum cleaners were actually sealed and allergen free as advertised. It was obvious that these other vacuum cleaner companies were negligent by not telling the public that they're so-called filtered vacuum cleaners still leaked dusty air that could be and often are loaded with dangerous bacteria, allergens and mold spores. The bagless vacuum cleaners on the market are also horrible! They also leak dust and bacteria into the air to breathe while operating them and when you dump the filthy dirt that often plugs up in them it easily flies all over the place including in your eyes, nose and mouth as you pull the dirt out of their plastic containment cases. 

After seeing how well the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner was sealed and how it operated. We immediately ordered one of these units so we could test it out ourselves to see how well it cleaned and operated. When we received our new Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner to test, we removed it from the box, and were pleased to see how easy it was to set up.

The ample 1000 Square inch certified HEPA filter, motor filter and the dust collector bag fit into the Air Storm like clockwork. In five short minutes, we were vacuuming our carpets, tile and hardwood floors. The Air Storm's Ametek 2 stage 22,500 RPM motor is very quiet but extremely powerful. The motor-driven rug-beater bar easily lifted the dirt and debris from the carpet and into the air flow of the vacuum cleaner’s powerful suction. Its smart looking case is both sturdy and lightweight as it is made out of an unbreakable composite material like Kevlar. 

It was apparent that the Air Storm easily out performed the Miele, Nilfisk and every other vacuum cleaner that we had previously tested or sold. The Air Storm's unique cyclonic technology allows the air to bypass the dust collector bag by going over it instead of through it like the other brands do that all lose suction and cleaning ability. This allows the Air Storm's dust collector bag to fill up with dust and debris right to the very top without losing any power, suction or cleaning ability! 

Why The Air Storm HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Outperforms All Others

The Air Storm is lightweight and easy to maneuver! This canister HEPA vacuum cleaner is 100 percent sealed against leakage! In fact its sealed so well it will pass a ZERO laser particle count test at 99.97 to 99.99 percent of efficiency down to 0.3 microns of particle size! 

Absolutely no dust, dust mite allergen, pet dander, pet hair, bacteria, mold spores or other allergens will escape from its HEPA filter or pressurized case! Nothing but clean air will fill the room while vacuuming your home or office space! By the time you are finished vacuuming your home with the Air Storm the dust particle count is extremely reduced and this can be measured and proven with a laser particle counter. 

NOTE: When operating and cleaning with the Air Storm you can dust  the furniture and counters before vacuuming and not after because no dust and bacteria is escaping from the Air Storm to contaminate while vacuuming your home as other vacuum cleaners do! 

The Air Storm is made in the USA and its estimated lifetime is 35 years plus! It will serve you and your family for many years to come. We truly feel that this top quality HEPA vacuum cleaner is by far the highest quality and most user-friendly unit on the market. It will clean your home better than any other vacuum cleaner in the world while keeping your indoor air quality clean and clear of potentially dangerous allergens, mold spores and bacteria laden dust. A truly clean home is a healthy home!

A Little About Commercial Industrial  HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

We have also tested many different brands of commercial / industrial Wet / Dry and Dry only HEPA vacuum cleaners for asbestos and lead abatement, mold remediation, factory spills, construction site cleanups and A/C air duct cleaning. These brands included Nilfisk, Bosch, Pullman-Holt. Atrix, Dayton and others! Out of all the commercial / industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners we have tested the NIKRO, (Made In The USA) was by far more user friendly and better built for non stop use on large jobs. We have done abatement jobs where these NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners ran 8-10 hours a day for over 9 months at a time without failing! No other HEPA vacuum cleaner for abatement use could even come close to the non stop performance of the NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners we have personally used on huge job sites! 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Stay away from inexpensive shop vacs from big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart ect.. These shop vacs are not properly sealed for abatement and remediation jobs and they will totally contaminate your home or building with Asbestos, Lead or Mold if you use them for these contaminants! These inexpensive unsealed shop vacs are actually not legal to use for abatement and remediation jobs!

The best resource and lowest prices on the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner, the NIKRO commercial /  industrial HEPA vacuum cleaner and other top quality allergy and asthma products can be found on the informative website at http://www.aircleaners.com

Or Call them direct at 1-888-578-7324