About Allergy Vacuum Cleaners

Our mission here at Allergy Vacuum Cleaners is to educate the public about the different types of vacuum cleaners available on the market including what we feel are the best and highest quality Made In The USA HEPA vacuum cleaners so our readers can truly benefit from this information for better vacuum cleaning, improved indoor air quality, health and wellbeing. In this report we discuss the HEPA vacuum cleaners that we have proven to be of the highest and quality 100 percent sealed against leakage of dust, bacteria and mold spores back into the air while vacuuming. The two HEPA vacuum cleaners we recommend include the American Made Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner for proper vacuum cleaning of the home and office for dust, allergy, pet allergy and asthma control and the NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaner for commercial and industrial use in both abatement and remediation jobs to clean and remove contaminants that include asbestos, lead and mold.

Please read through this website that is loaded with honest accurate information about the many different kinds of vacuum cleaners and HEPA vacuum cleaners that are available on the market! After reading through the website including the information on the Air Storm HEPA vacuum cleaner and NIKRO HEPA vacuum cleaners please feel free to read even more information about these top quality 100 percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners on the website at http://www.aircleaners.com.  Or call this company direct at Toll Free 1-888-578-7324

Best wishes to our many readers! It is our hope and desire that this website has been good a help to you while doing your diligent research for a quality HEPA vacuum cleaner for home, commercial or industrial use.